Over Deck Roof Insulation with KOOLTILEs

Insulated Roof above Styro Stone Walls

After concrete pouring into the Styro Stone walls is over, the next stage is construction of a regular RCC roof slab. You have to insulate this as well.

Why should you have an externally insulated roof?

  • insulation from outside protects not only the roof slab but also the waterproofing layer
  • the roofing elements undergo a daily cycle of contraction-expansion due to the solar heat, causing cracks, which if untreated, damages your structure & leads to unhealthy damp to seep inside your rooms
  • so the insulation layer prevents the 'weathering out' of the roof and adds to the life of your construction,
  • thus, it saves you from the periodic hassles of costly repair work on the roof.

    What should you do for external insulation on your roof?

    The most effective method is with a suitable product such as KOOLTILE.
    It is a Government approved building insulation product, certified by TERI GRIHA for use as a GREEN Building Product.
    The molded tiles are available in 3 different grades and thickness for achieving R-Values ranging from R-8 to R-15 (US standard) to meet the ECBC insulation norms for making Energy Efficient Buildings in India.

    Explanation of relevant measuring units for better understanding of roof insulation. Calculating U-values

    How KOOLTILE meets the selection criteria critical for long term use :

  • the thermal insulation property does not decrease thoughout the life of your construction
  • it is molded from EPS, a proven building insulation material, used worldwide since more than 50 years.
  • KOOLTILE is environmentally safe, as it contains no harmful chemicals
  • it is easily available as a popular roof insulation product with installations in many Indian States
  • the manufacturer provides a 10 year's post installation warranty if installed by an approved applicator.

    Installing KOOLTILE on roof :

    For a damp free and maintenance free structure due to a completely insulated building, browse through our pictures of application steps for overdeck roof insulation.

    Check out the specifications & R-values for KOOLTILE product range here.

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    KOOLTILE for external roof insulation

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