strip foundation or concrete slab?

Depending on several circumstances both might be advisable.

However, for a well insulated building you need to insulate the slab as well. Here we show how a concrete slab is done in one go in Germany.

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Fill up the site completely with sand inside the whole perimeter

Compact it very well

Do not forget the trenches for your ducting and piping

Start laying out the shuttering boards along the perimeter

Best to use high density Insulation boards, the perimeter is now laid out clearly

Cover the remaining surface with plain boards

Fixig pipes for floor heating/cooling is easily made with brackets stuck into the boards

Do not forget to put the dashboard onto the right place

The concrete-mixer with an extension can easily cover the whole ground, so a pump is not needed.

If you use steel fibre concrete, a steel mesh is not needed

Make it plain and very smooth

The more even the surface is, the faster the Styro Stone walls are set afterwards

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