The individual or luxury home builder does not want to be confined by restrictions of a one meter module system.

We know of no ground plan for a modern house necessitating a module of increments of less than 5 cm.

For the elevations, Styro Stone permits increments down to 2.5 cm.

If your original plans do not conform, your architect will in all likelihood have used a CAD Programme so that your plans can be easily modified at little or no extra cost.

Every Styrostone is line embossed at 5 cm intervals to facilitate the cutting of the blocks to the correct length.

A house designed on the basis of Standard Stone widths of 25 and 35 cm involves less cutting, thus less labour on site, providing yet another economy.

Rule of thumb:

Every dimension divisible by 25 cm saves time and labour on site.

Every dimension divisible by 5 cm increases time and labour on site.

Any dimension not divisble into modules of 25 cm or 5 cm, appreciably increases time and labour on site.

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