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A Styro Stone house is a complete weatherproof and load-bearing structure in its own right. Subject to planning control, the exterior finish can be of almost any material of your choice. This represents one of the fundamental advantages of the Styro Stone system - namely, that the structure is completed swiftly and independently of the exterior cosmetics.

With Styro Stone you choose the face you want to put on, be it the most traditional building facade or the most modern appearance designed by the most skillful of architects.


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Exterior render is the easiest and most cost-effective of all the exterior finishes.

Rendering onto external surface wall of EPS is a well-established and proven practice, with an over 40-year history, involving literally millions of square meters world wide.

There are several established methods involving the use of either a reinforcing mesh or base layer - usually both.

This also provides greater design flexibility than other claddings. We offer a a vast range of Designs, Colours and a variety of Textures to match your unbeatable ideas for your exterior walls. Stone like or wood like finish is also possible.


In recognition of the popularity of the traditional brick-finished home, Styro Stone have developed the console stone Nr. 9020 as a foundation stone forming the base to the brick face which is tied into the Styro Stone concrete core using traditional wall ties, spaced as for a conventional cavity wall system.

The wall ties can be inserted into the Styro Stone void prior to pouring the concrete.

The embossed markings at regular intervals on the stones make this a quick and simple task. Yet another saving!

The use of flexible butterfly-type wall ties is recommended, to enable the bricklayer to follow the correct line should he run slightly out of course whilst laying.

Bricks are set approx. 10 cm in front of the Styro Stone wall. This provides sufficient working depth for the trowel and any adjustments that need to be made.


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Brick Slips are an obvious alternative to building a complete brick wall. The EPS walls of Styro Stone make the ideal surface for the application of slips or indeed any other similar material such as ceramic tiles.

In contrast to brick-laying, it does not take a skilled professional to place slips. Furthermore, there are various systems available to aid the placing of the slips, even on wet walls.

Tiles, Slates and Weatherboarding

Tiles, slates and weatherboarding are fixed in the traditional manner to vertically placed timber battens, anchored through to the concrete core with conventional fixings.

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For the installation of wooden facades, we recommend using special nails as demonstrated in the 2nd construction video

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