LEED, GRIHA rated and BEE's ECBC Certified buildings

The standards for such buildings have become well defined -

IGBC norms

promote the concept, design and construction of structures that adopt environment friendly methods by using locally available & natural materials to lower the long term energy consumption and maintenance costs, keeping in mind the Indian climate and conditions.

Below are Key features for promoting eco-friendly constructions & how STYRO STONE meets each condition:

  • Sustainable site development
  • - savings begin from foundation stage itself, & include substantial efficient sub-systems all through

  • Water savings
  • - with STYRO STONE there is no on site water requirement!

  • Energy efficiency
  • - many Active & Passive houses have been constructed with our system in several European countries

  • Materials selection
  • - light weight stones are easy to transport, handle & assemble. Constructions are stronger & last longer!

  • Indoor environmental quality
  • - system designed to ensure airtight but well ventilated and mold-, dust- & allergen-free environment

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