STYRO STONE - ideal for 'GREEN' buildings

The stones provide insulation with their hollow structure that are made from Self Extinguishing grade EPS, which is one of the most oldest & widely used commercially available insulation material. This is due to several reasons :
  • it is light weight and can be easily moulded and transported to site
  • has a sufficiently high insulation value that does not degrade over time
  • studies for Life Cycle Assessment (a cradle to grave analysis) have proved EPS to be one of the least environmentally harmful insulating materials as it contains no toxic gases
  • Compared with other products in use, EPS has been proven to have one of the lowest Global Warming and Ozone Depletion Potential

Assembly and Post Construction: Due to the unique design and ease of installation,

  • no thermal bridges, as the walls are completely insulated from both sides
  • manpower requirement is low,
  • material wastage is minimal, and
  • on-site water needed for wall erection & curing is zero
  • Concrete forming the Core of the insulating stones makes the walls stronger than conventional brick & mortar structures and provides added protection in case of fire.

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