The Styro Stone Advantage

Combine 'WHITE & GREY' to build 'GREEN' !

A most COST EFFECTIVE construction

when compared to a traditional building, it pays you back EVERY YEAR ! It is -

energy saving

(Reduces up to 80% of energy consumption). With the added advantage of of-

super fast erection

(Build the walls of a house for a 1 family home in only 1 day)


(Safe even in case of fire, earthquakes, floods & cyclones)


(Fully insulated walls, like a thermos flask, ensure rooms remain cool in summers and warm in winters)


(Interiors free from damp & molds due to air-tight but well-ventilated structure)


(Takes care to shut out both impact sound as well as air borne noise)

ideally 'green'

(Optimal Resource Conservation due to low wastage & no need for water during construction)

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