Insulated Roof above Styro Stone Walls

After construction of a regular RCC roof on a Styro Stone house, you can insulate it externally with KOOLTILEs. The installation process combines a waterproofing layer with the insulation application and adequate gradient with screed for water drainage.

This gives you an uniform, airtight, 'free from thermal bridge' insulated roof, above which any terrace finishing material may be installed.

Now your roof will be protected from cracks & resultant seepage and leakage for many years. In short, a damp free and maintenance free structure due to a 'green' terrace.

Special Design features of KOOLTILE :

Molded EPS tiles (800mm x 600mm) with tongue and groove edges for easy application.

Light weight but with adequate compressive strength for ease of transportation and handling.

Available in 3 different grades and thickness for achieving R-value ranging from R-8 to R-15 (US standard) to meet standard ECBC norms for Green Buildings.

U-value U-Wert (0,17 U) z.B. for Roof with KOOLTILEs.

KOOLTILE is environmentally safe and is a popular & widely used roof insulation product with installations in many Indian States.

It is an approved building insulation product by TERI GRIHA

Dachdämmelement mit Ziegelauflage
StyroStoneNr 6501
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StyroStoneNr 6502

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